Firearms Training from the Convenience of your Own HomeCRACKSHOT is now offering complete bundles. Everything you need to get started with laser dryfire training

Our mission is to make tools and products that help gun owners learn to train safely and responsibly. We’ve made laser dryfire training accessible and affordable to anyone with our quick start bundles. Handgun caliber bundles only cost $50, rifle and shotgun caliber bundles are $60.

The quick start bundles has everything you need, just pick your caliber. We have dryfire training cartridges in the most common calibers, bundled with our versatile phone tripod, and our award winning CRACKSHOT Marksmanship Trainer App, ranked #6 in Google Play’s top rated paid sports apps in July 2020 out of thousands of apps. You can start dryfire training today!


Easy setup and flexible, this product helps gun owners learn the fundamentals of marksmanship with drills that promote safe handling of a weapon. Does not require a projector, uses real world targets.

Indoor Range

CRACKSHOT offers an indoor range simulator that utilizes a projector to create a virtual shooting range right in your home. While extremely entertaining, the app includes tools and modes to help with learning the basics of marksmanship.

Competition Simulator

Our fully interactive competition simulator is targeted for seasoned gun owners who either are interested in or want to practice for their competition shooting. Our Competition shooting simulator is currently in development, but will include a focus on drills, practical handgun shooting, and 3 Gun courses.

Our mission is simple.
We believe that gun owners should take training seriously as a matter of responsibility, and to that end, we want to make training as accessible as possible.

Because we believe so strongly in this mission, we have designed our products to be affordable. We believe it is the responsibility of every gun owner to ensure they are properly equipped to handle their weapons safely and effectively. As such, we have made our products as accessible as possible. Most of our training products cost less than $25. But don't let the price tag fool you, our dryfire training system is one of most robust available. Our products are purpose built to be flexible, so they'll work and are a great compliment with most dryfire training programs. In fact, this is why our product is so popular amongst civilian firearms instructors and law enforcement trainers. CRACKSHOT provides you with the best value for the money.
Our goal is to provide tools that when used properly, allow gun owners to train safely and daily. Because our systems do not use live ammunition, our customers can build the confidence they need to operate their firearms effectively and responsibly in a controlled environment. For example, many of our users use our tools to practice drawing a weapon from a holster, one of the most accident prone activities if done improperly on a live range. The firearms owner can focus on the fundamentals of safety at home before implementing these skills in a live fire environment.
Because we feel that firearms training is critically important for individual gun owners and society as a whole, we believe our product should be widely accessible. Our solutions have some of the lowest cost of entry of any product in the firearms safety and training industry. We strive to make our systems incredibly affordable because we believe every gun owner has a responsibility to train regularly.
We listen to your feedback and actively talk with our community. We work with certified firearms instructors and law enforcement trainers to help shape the direction of our products. We build products that are at a surface level very fun, but at a lower level are helping our customers build the confidence that they need to operate their firearms safely, responsibly, and effectively.

Trusted by instructors and gun owners around the world

A great solution for my students

Incredibly helpful in teaching my students the fundamentals of marksmanship. CRACKSHOT products are great for teaching new gun owners proper weapon handling and trigger control, long before we take them out on the range.
NRA Certified Instructor
Milwaukee, WI

Invaluable training aid

My business focuses on training other women on how to operate a firearm safely for self defense. Many of my clients have never fired a weapon before attending one of my classes. CRACKSHOT helps them learn the fundamentals of how the weapon operates in a simple, non intimidating way before progressing to live fire training.
Firearms Instructor

Helped build my confidence

Being new to firearms I was somewhat scared to go to the range. This product helped me build up my confidence with learning how to operate my handgun safely before visiting the range.
Firearm Owner
Germantown, WI
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Follow Us:CrackShot Community
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Crackshot is a product of ChoiceMarket Technologies LLC. All rights reserved.