Our RecommendationWhich .223 / 5.56mm dryfire laser training solution is the best?

The answer to this largely depends on your personal needs. We're here to help.

Option 1 - Universal .223 Option, Most Affordable Option

.223 Laser Ammo Cartridges

A laser training cartridge is a cross between a snap cap and a bore sighter. It gives you the best of both worlds with only a few minor draw backs. It is the ideal solution for most shooters interested in laser Dryfire training.

The laser training cartridge only engages when the firing pin puts pressure on a pressure point at the back of the cartridge, when this happens, a laser is emitted for a fraction of a second, usually 1/30th of a second. This saves on batteries (this type of device is usually good on batteries for up to 6,000 shots). It also allows the trigger to be engaged (as it protects the firing pin like a snap cap). These are a great solution for using laser Dryfire training software as it best simulates a real life hit on a target. They also typically come zeroed, so there shouldn't be manual adjustments needed out of the box.

Note, on the AR-15, because of the mechanics of the AR-15 you'll need to rack the bolt carrier group between shots to reset the trigger and firing pin. There are better solutions for AR-15s outlined below that are also much more expensive (4 to 5 times more expensive), but this is really the only option if you have a non AR-15 .223 platform.

Advantages :
- Lots of options for any budget
- Battery efficient
- Most realistic solution
- Easy setup, shouldn't need to be zeroed
- Protects firing pin from damage like a snap cap
- Useful for reloading drills as it won't eject, but it should not be fed from a magazine
- Works with any .223 Caliber Weapon

- BCG must be racked each time in an AR-15 unlike other more expensive products
- The back caps on these will go bad over time with heavy use as the firing pin slams the pressure pad repeatedly (some products offer replacement back caps for sale). The back caps are usually good for thousands of dry fires however.

.223 Laser Dryfire Cartridge Only

Our CRACKSHOT .223 cartridge is the most affordable .223 training option on the market. Coming in at 1/4 to 1/5 the cost of more expensive alternatives, CRACKSHOT seeks to make laser dryfire training accessible to shooters of any budget.

.223 CRACKSHOT Augmented Reality Quick Start Bundle

Everything you need to get started for Laser Dryfire training with your AR-15. Includes a .223 Rem laser dryfire cartridge, our battle tested mobile phone tripod, and a promo code to download our award winning CRACKSHOT : Augmented Reality App

Coming Soon... CRACKSHOT Laser Range Trainer Bundle

Coming soon... we're working with suppliers on acquring extremely affordable LED projectors that work well with CRACKSHOT. Our goal is to build an all in start kit for only $120, projector, laser cartridge, and tripod included.

Option 2 : Most Affordable, Realistic Option

SIRT Laser AR Bolt

For the shortcomings with compatibility with laser cartridges, Next Level Training's SIRT AR Bolt offers a drop in bolt option that replaces the Bolt Carrier Group in an AR-15. While it does cost 3-4 times more than a laser ammo cartridge, it gets around the issue of having to rack the bolt carrier group between shots.

- Works better than .223 cartridge based solutions for laser dry fire training
- Resets the trigger with every trigger pull, no need to engage charging handle (and in fact you can't, because it replaces the bolt carrier group)

- Only works in an AR-15
- Requires some setup and calibration
- Must take bolt carrier group out to operate


In our opinion, the best solution for AR15 Laser Dry Fire training. This only works with the AR15 platform however and requires some slight modifications to get calibrated for every rifle. It's the only option that will allow the trigger to reset with every trigger pull however (so the only realistically semi automatic option).

Crackshot is a product of ChoiceMarket Technologies LLC. All rights reserved.

Crackshot is a product of ChoiceMarket Technologies LLC. All rights reserved.