Our RecommendationWhich 9mm dryfire laser training solution is the best?

The answer to this largely depends on your personal needs. We're here to help.

Option 1 : LaserLyte Universal Laser Training Device

Best for revolvers or owners of multiple handguns in different calibers

For the shortcomings with compatibility with laser cartridges, laserlyte offers a universal training device that is sound activated. This product is great for shooters who want one device that will work with most handgun calibers (.38 up to .45), or a device that will work well in a revolver (with snap caps).

It is sound activated and like the laser training cartridges fires a laser for a short period of time every time it hears the Dryfire. it should be used with a snap cap in some cases where dry firing will damage a firing pin.

This product is a little more work to set up (must be zeroed with elevation and windage, users of this device have reported having to re-sight the device every time they use it. Also, the battery life on these tend to be shorter (they are sound activated so they are always detecting for noise). It's also not the most affordable solution, but might be if someone wants to train with multiple calibers.

- Most universal option
- Works well with laser training software
- Most practical solution for revolvers

- Hard on batteries
- Needs to be re-zeroed when switching between weapons
- More expensive than some laser cartridge options

LaserLyte Universal Laser Trainer

Universal, fits most training pistols. Requires re-zeroing when switching between handguns, but is the most practical solution if you wish to train with multiple handguns in different calibers or with a revolver. You may need snap caps to protect the firing pin on your firearm when using this product.

357 Magnum / .38 Special

.38 Special and 357 Magnum are the same bullet size and hence the same snap cap. .38 Special is a slightly shorter cartridge thus its commended to buy your snap caps in .38 special for laser training (e.g. all .38 special and 357 magnum revolves can shoot .38 special). 6 pack of snap caps.

.44 Magnum / 44 Special

.44 Magnum and 44 Special are a similar bullet size and hence the same snap cap. It's recommended to buy the 44 special snap cap as it has a shorter nose (all 44 magnum revolvers can shoot 44 special). 6 pack of snap caps.

Option 2 - Recommended for Safest Firearms Training

Realistic Laser Training Revolver

Laser training pistols are also a great solution. They come in a variety of models that mirror the designs of popular handguns. They are in some ways safer than other solutions (as they are not real firearms, there is no risk of accidentally discharging a firearm due to negligence). They're built to be fired semi automatic as they have a resetting trigger, so they may work well in place of the hammer or striker fired pistols for laser training.

- Very safe option
- Compatible with laser training software
- Good Replacement for styles of handgun that would normally not operate semi automatic for laser training (e.g striker fired or hammer fired)

- Relatively expensive
- Won't have the exact feel as your primary firearm

LaserLyte Laser Trainer Pistol Full Size

Molded to feel like a Glock19, this laser training pistol is great for owners who want to train with a replica of a full frame striker fired pistol.

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Crackshot is a product of ChoiceMarket Technologies LLC. All rights reserved.