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May 24, 2020by Emil S0

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The importance of dry fire training

We believe whole heatedly that every firearms owner should train with their weapons regularly in order to operate them safely and effectively.

Nothing replaces real world range time. However, the importance of dry fire training can not be understated. The NRA Law Enforcement Training Division says that you should dry fire practice three times a week and live fire practice at least once every two weeks. This matches the views of many professional competitive shooters who say that you should dry fire as often as 8x the live rounds that you send down range. Indeed dry fire training is a critical supplement to real life fire practice.

We created the most affordable, practical dry fire shooting trainer we could create

We realize in these trying economic times that maintaining the critical skill of marksmanship is important, but we do not want it to break the bank. We want our system to be affordable to every shooter. For this reason we made the decision to focus only on training software. We chose not to sell hardware, as it keeps our startup costs low. We also run extremely lean. This allows us to keep our commitment to you, to provide you with high quality, dry fire firearms training at an incredibly competitive price of $6.99. The system was specifically designed and tested with budget laser ammo in mind. The system should be compatible with most brands of laser ammo. For $30-40, a shooter can pick up a laser ammo cartridge on Amazon, a tripod for $10-15, and this training software for $6.99, so for around the cost of one trip to the range, a shooter can have a complete dry fire training system.  It’s our hope that you’ll love our product so much, you’ll invest in more of our other training software products in the future, we want to establish a life long relationship with you, providing you affordable best in class technology whenever the newest tech comes out.

Why the CRACKSHOT Augmented Reality System?

There are dozens of laser training apps on the market today. Besides being more affordable than most options, CRACKSHOT also had a completely different focus. Most systems focus on single target marksmanship, providing in depth analysis tools and helping you shoot tighter groups. While CRACKSHOT shares some similar features, it doesn’t go into the level of detail some other apps go into. CRACKSHOT focuses on practical, multi-target, defnesive shooting exercises. Our  exercises are designed to stretch your versatility, speed, and accuracy under pressure. You can set up at home scenarios that you could not set up at a typical shooting range. It’s our opinion that CRACKSHOT leverages augmented reality for firearms training to it’s maximum potential, by allowing you full flexibility and customization of most exercises. CRACKSHOT AUGMENTED REALITY RANGE is a different tool for your training tool belt, and one were constantly working on improving with our community focus.


Inspired by Competition Shooting

Our exercise provides metrics similar to those important to practical competition shooting. Besides being a great training tool for firearms competitive shooting, CRACKSHOT aims to provide those same benefits of the skills attained in competition to those who have no experience in competition. CRACKSHOT may even open the door for you to have a look at competing in your local events.


Learn More about each Game Mode and how they improve different aspects of your marksmanship skill set

Free Shoot Mode

General Scoring Mode

Number of Hits Mode

Timed Number of Hits Mode

Target Call-out Mode

Community Feedback Driven Development

We’re trying to be more than a product, rather, we’re building a community. Dedicated to transparency, you can talk to us directly on our Discord chat server at any time. All CRACKSHOT products are in a constant state of development and improvement, meaning that if you have suggestions to make the product better, we’ll listen, and roll those product updates out to every customer free of charge. We’re building something special together.


Emil S

Emil is the creator of the CRACKSHOT system. He's a software engineer who has been an avid marksman his entire life.

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Crackshot is a product of ChoiceMarket Technologies LLC. All rights reserved.