Our RecommendationWhich Tripod Should I choose?

There are really three factors to consider when selecting a tripod for dryfire training. Sturdiness, flexibility, and portability. Tripods are typically around the same price (between $20-40) so the choice primarily will depend on what is important to you.

If you plan to implement a more permanent training area in your home, you probably want a very sturdy, heavy duty option that isn't likely to get bounced around if someone bumps into it. For this, you'll probably want a tripod that you'd use for say, a DSLR camera.

If you need your tripod to be very portable, you might consider a tripod that is meant specifically for a mobile phone. These types of tripod are often flimsier and move around when bumped, but you sacrifice sturdiness for increased flexibility and portability.

The Sturdy Option : Tripod

In our opinion, this is the easiest option to set up and leave in place. However, it isn't very portable if you plan on traveling with CRACKSHOT or if you plan to take down and reset up CRACKSHOT over and over again.

These tripods are durable, meant to hold a very expensive DSLR camera in high movement areas (for example, wedding photographers use them) so they'll do just fine with a phone.

You'll typically also need to purchase an adapter for these to work with your phone, so there is some added expense in this area.

The Sturdy Option : Phone Mount

A phone mount is typically required with a heavy duty tripod, primarily because these usually are meant for DSLR cameras (which typically include a screw mount in the body of the camera). Most phones will not have a screw mount attachment, so an additional phone mount is usually required.

Alternatively, you could buy a tripod meant for a phone that has a detachable phone mount, as these usually are a universal size. In this case, you'd have the best of both worlds.

The Flexible, Portable Option : Tripods Meant for Phones

The most affordable solution (although not by all that much) is typically smaller, portable tripods that are made specifically for phones. They can be a bit of a pain to set up, as they tend to have more movement and are more difficult to work with on uneven surfaces.

The main reason you would want to go this route is if portability is a major concern for you (will you want to travel with CRACKSHOT?).

If you do go with this type of tripod solution, it might be a good idea to consider getting a tripod that is telescoping for maximum flexibility, although these typically lose stability the longer your extend the telescoping feature.

Crackshot is a product of ChoiceMarket Technologies LLC. All rights reserved.

Crackshot is a product of ChoiceMarket Technologies LLC. All rights reserved.