CRACKSHOT : Laser Range Trainer (Outdoor Range Game Modes)

June 23, 2020by Emil S0

CRACKSHOT: Laser Range Trainer Outdoor Range Game Mode

The CRACKSHOT Laser Shooting Range is the latest and most innovative laser dryfire shooting range application offered by CRACKSHOT Training Systems. Experience the thrill of having a safe, easy, and affordable shooting range in your own home, but meant to keep your skills sharp for the rigors of competitive shooting sports.
Combining virtual reality and augmented reality concepts, the CRACKSHOT Virtual Laser Range, running on a phone connected to a projector, simulates a virtual shooting range right on your wall that you can interact with using your real world laser training device, laser ammo cartridge, or laser pointer, so long as it is a red dot device. This is the perfect app to sharpen your firearms training for shooting competitions.
Simply download the app, connect your phone to a projector, calibrate the projector, and use your laser ammo with your laser training device to dryfire practice with very realistic results. The app works by using your device camera to detect laser pointer hits on dynamic virtual targets (projected on the wall by the projector) mapping these hits to the virtual world while dry firing your weapon in the real world. In other words, you control the simulation using your real world competitive shooting equipment.
– Four different shooting range areas (Indoor, Outdoor, Western, and Dueling Trees)
– 12 Different game modes split between the four areas involving single targets, multiple targets, moving targets, exploding targets, and much more.
– 8 different weapon types to switch between
– The indoor range features 4 game modes : moveable targets with real range controls (move target forwards and backwards), automated horizontal moving targets, forward/backward moving targets, and a “Whack-A-Target” dynamic game mode
– The outdoor mode includes 4 game modes: targets at various distances with integrated scoring, exploding targets, moving targets, and popup targets
– The western shooting mode includes 3 game modes: shooting bottles off of a fence, popup cowboy targets, and a timed dueling mode to practice your speed
– The dueling tree mode includes a single game mode, allowing up to two players (with their own laser devices) to duel against each other locally, hitting each other’s targets, for upto 60 seconds. The player who hits all the targets to their color first (green or blue respectively), or the player with the most targets converted to their enemy’s color at the end of 60 seconds wins.
– Dynamic laser hit detection that maps real world hits to the virtual space with a simulated magazine sizes and automatic reloads
– Dynamic calibration tools that allow for adjusting red sensitivity and brightness to accomodate multiple projection surfaces (CRACKSHOT performs best on a non glossy, white or grey surface)
– Step by step calibration and setup process

Emil S

Emil is the creator of the CRACKSHOT system. He's a software engineer who has been an avid marksman his entire life.

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Crackshot is a product of ChoiceMarket Technologies LLC. All rights reserved.

Crackshot is a product of ChoiceMarket Technologies LLC. All rights reserved.