Everything you need to know about the Next Level Training SIRT AR 15 Laser Dryfire Bolt

July 9, 2020by Emil S0

This video is a complete guide, tutorial, and review for setting up and utilizing the Next Level Training SIRT AR-15 Laser Dryfire training bolt with the CRACKSHOT Laser Training Range projector based simulator. If you want to know more about whether or not you should purchase the SIRT AR-15 Laser Dryfire training bolt, or you’re on the fence because you know that the MantisX Blackbeard Training bolt is coming out soon, you’ll want to check out this sneak peak video show casing the SIRT product as well before making a decision. This video shows how you can train with your AR-15, shows drills for dry fire training, and showcases how you can use it with a virtual shooting range simulator. The tactical training is perfect for 3 Gun, competitive shooting, USPSA, IPSC, or IDPA training.

Full Transcript:

Alright let’s see whats inside. First impressions, the packaging is actually super nice. We can see the SIRT branding and different SIRT products. The American flag sticker is a nice touch.

Let’s open her up and see what’s inside.

Everything looks well packaged. Looks like there’s some extra goodies.

An Instructional DVD, I actually don’t own a DVD player anymore, but I assume it has similar content to what’s available on the Next Level Training Website. Cool sticker, I’m a sucker for free stickers.

The packaging for the bolt itself is actually really nice. It’s kind of shaped like a bolt carrier group as it is. I’d actually probably keep this and store my bolt carrier group in it when it isn’t in use.

The package includes a few small parts and an allen wrench. One part is the trigger block, which will end up sitting on the internal part of the safety. It basically holds the trigger linkage in place. The other main part is the adjustable linkage that sits between the trigger and tripping the seer on the laser bolt.

The bolt itself seems to be durable enough, it feels like its made out of ABS plastic. The red color is pretty sharp and makes it pretty obvious that the training laser is in the weapon vs your bolt carrier group.

The product is shipped with written directions as well as the instructional DVD.

The bolt carrier group took about half a minute to install, this was very easy. The trigger block and linkage were a little more difficult. It took me about 15 minutes to get it installed and adjusted properly, and its mainly because I was thinking that the trigger linkage boot was required, so it wasn’t fitting in my lower receiver, that was my bad. I ended up removing the boot and it worked fine in my anderson lower without it. Now that I know how to do it, it would probably take me less then 5 minutes to install in a second AR.

The bolt operates by pushing the trigger linkage into a hole in the bolt containing a seer that when pushed up activates to make the laser fire. The system is simple, but ingenious. It’s important to note that this system might not work with after market triggers.

The laser wasn’t zeroed out of the box, but that’s not a big deal. Mine was angled slightly towards the top of the barrel, which is why you see the reflection.

It’s not a big deal because Next Level Training provides easy access to windage adjustments through the ejection port.

And elevation adjustments are accessible from the magazine well.

You don’t need to remove the bolt to adjust, which gives it a huge advantage over bore sighters or similar laser cartridges. I didn’t need to adjust windage at all as it was already centered. Instead, I simply had to adjust the elevation set screw. You can see how easy it is to adjust, simply hold the trigger down and spin clockwise to lower and counter clockwise to raise.

So how does it perform? Naturally, I tested it right away with our CRACKSHOT augmented reality app, available on both iOS and Android.

It performed flawlessly. The red laser is bright and the app had no issues picking it up.

Once I got my targets configured, I tried the number of hits mode. The trigger pull was crisp and smooth.

I then tried the target callouts mode, 0 problems here either.

The next step was to try this with our projector based simulators. I fired up the CRACKSHOT laser range trainer.

Indoor range first, I first switched from pistol to assault rifle, this was a ton of fun. Because the laser stays lit up while holding the trigger down, with our simulator, you can actually simulate fully automatic fire, and this is a heck of a lot of fun.

Next we moved outdoors and took some distance shots, hit some exploding targets, and rounded things out out with some moving targets.

We went to the shooting gallery and put some lead on steel.

Then we finished off by going full auto on some dueling trees.

Overall this product is great. The set up is a little bit of work, but this is so functionally ahead of any other competitor product for the AR-15, we can’t complain. It also works flawlessly with our CRACKSHOT line of products, so we can’t ask any more than that. We have absolutely no ties to Next Level Training, so our unbiased opinion is that this product is a 5 out of 5, best in class laser training option.

Considering the price and the utility that you get for this. At the time of this review, the bolt is selling for $139.99. It’s a steal.

Our CRACKSHOT augmented reality app costs less then $10. For under $150, you can have an at home shooting range in the comfort of your own home.

Throw in a cheap $50-60 LED projector and our CRACKSHOT Virtual Shooting Range app which costs less then $20, you’re looking at a full shooting range experience for less than $230.

Our one liner review:
The, Next Level Training AR Bolt. We Highly Recommend it, 5 out of 5, would purchase again. If you’re on the fence just buy it lol.

Emil S

Emil is the creator of the CRACKSHOT system. He's a software engineer who has been an avid marksman his entire life.

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