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Our Robust, Portable Mobile Phone Tripod

We’ve tested multiple options for mobile phone tripods and we landed on this design. It’s now the official tripod that we use when using CRACKSHOT ourselves in most cases.

Why this Tripod?

  • Flexibility. Features 3 flexible, bendable legs. We’ve found that this tripod adds more stability on a variety of surfaces than a traditional tripod. A traditional tripod can’t be set on uneven surfaces as it will leave the phone slanted at an angle and off balance. This design has a very low center of gravity that can easily be adjusted because of the flexible legs. The flexible legs also allow the phone to be suspended from other objects.
  • Size. The small height of the tripod is ideal for placing the phone near the projector output for our projector based CRACKSHOT apps. The ideal phone placement for the CRACKSHOT projector based app is to keep the phone as close to and parallel with the projector lens. The size of this tripod makes it ideal for keeping the phone level with the projector output. A full size tripod can be bulky and take up a lot of room in a smaller area
  • Durability. The mobile mount that comes with this tripod is very heavy duty, this tripod will easily support the heaviest phones available.
  • Portability. Our users love bringing CRACKSHOT along with them wherever they go. Rather than carrying around a gigantic tripod, this tripod’s design allows for the tripod to be easily transported and set up. This is important for instructors (especially for concealed carry classes) who might offer course offerings in a variety of locations. Similarly, every day citizens love this tripod as its great for bringing CRACKSHOT over to friends’ houses.
  • Affordable. This tripod is surprisingly durable for its low price tag, we wanted to provide a product that had an incredibly low start up cost (bundled with our laser cartridge and CRACKSHOT Augmented Reality app, you can have an at home shooting range for less than $60).

Why not this tripod?

  • Size under some conditions. If you have a home theater room where the projector takes up the entire room, you probably want a full size tripod


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    Crackshot is a product of ChoiceMarket Technologies LLC. All rights reserved.

    Crackshot is a product of ChoiceMarket Technologies LLC. All rights reserved.