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  • Everything included, no In App Purchases Ever
  • Drills designed for practical shooting
  • Multiple Configurable Targets
  • No projector required
  • Compatible with most laser ammo brands
  • Four innovative game modes
  • Basic Shot Analysis tool kit

Get the Hardware You NeedCRACKSHOT only requires a tripod, physical targets, and a laser ammo cartridge.

See our line of CRACKSHOT dryfire cartridges, mobile phone tripod, and related accessories.

...Or if you already have the equipmentPurchase the Standalone App Only

Available on Google Play or iOS
Crackshot available on Apple App Store

Simplicity and PracticalityA Focus on Practical Shooting Exercises.

Accuracy is certainly important. However, many augmented reality shooting apps focus on accuracy only. They typically focus on promoting tight groups on a single target and contain tools for analyzing each shot in great detail.

CRACKSHOT also supports this, however, it also does much, much more.
Closer to Reality

Support for
Multiple Targets

In real life, there is a high likelihood that you might be facing multiple assailants. It's important to build skills not just engaging a single target, but potentially multiple. CRACKSHOT let's you configure up to 4 targets, which are useful in each of CRACKSHOT's 4 game modes.

Practical Shooting ExercisesFour Customizable Game Modes

Scoring Mode - A game mode that focuses on accuracy. Each of the 4 target zones can be configured with a score assigned to each zone. When a player hits a zone, that zone's point value will be added to his score. This is a casual, untimed game mode that is meant to help shooters focus on the fundamentals.

Number of Hits Mode - meant for multiple targets, shooters can configure how many hits are required to "complete" a given target. Once all targets are completed, a final score is calculated based on the number of hits, number of misses, and amount of time passed, although time to complete is unlimited. Amount of Ammo can also be limited. This shooting mode closely resembles that of major shooting competitions. A random start timer also helps mimic real world competition.

Timed Number of Hits Mode - Similar to the number of hits mode except an additional time limit can be applied. If the time limited is exceeded without completing all targets, additional penalties are applied to the score.

Random Target Call-out Mode - Targets will be randomly called out and the shooter must hit the target as quickly as they can. The drill continues until the shooter manually ends the game. Metrics about timing and number of targets hit are presented to the shooter.

After Action ReportingShot by Shot Analysis

After completion of a game mode, shooters will have the opportunity to analyze the last 50 shots that they took during their shooting session.

TutorialsGetting Started

Check out our in depth documentation for getting the most out of your CRACKSHOT Augmented Reality Range

Crackshot is a product of ChoiceMarket Technologies LLC. All rights reserved.

Crackshot is a product of ChoiceMarket Technologies LLC. All rights reserved.